10+ years experience in Web Development and Web Designing. I love coding and web designing. In fact, I really like transforming web designs to HTML/CSS/JS templates and make them LIVE. Right after college, I went to a Graphic design school but I learned most of my designing and coding skills on the job. 

I’ve worked on sizable websites and mobile projects throughout my career. From a local store to a global company websites. Very knowledgeable about CMS (Content Management System) especially WordPress. WordPress is my main platform when I build a site. I’m a huge fan of responsive websites, especially Bootstrap. The design adapts its content to the size of the screen. As a result, it performs and looks great on all modern devices. I’m always excited about learning and using new skills, such as HTML5, CSS3, framework and JavaScript. Of course, always hand-coded with passion. Come to a design, I strive to design simple, clean, easy-to-use web layouts with usability. Easy to read typography, striking color layouts and highly usable interfaces are very important to me. Debugging and researching are other skills that I’m good at. 

Ultimately, I aim to help businesses achieve their goals through websites. I can help with WordPress, Online website builder, Online Shopping Site builder, Web design, Social Networking, and Advertising to attract users and customers.
Currently I'm working at Zilker Partners (previously Growth Digital) as a Web Developer.
"I am always excited about learning and using a new skills. I like to figure out things and find solutions. These things make me creative and keep me going."
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