10+ years experience in Web development and Web Design. I love web designing. In fact, I love transforming web designs to HTML/CSS/JS templates and make them LIVE. I learned most of my designing and coding skills on the job.
I strive to design simple, clean, easy-to-use web layouts with usability. Easy to read typography, striking color layouts and highly usable interfaces are very important to me.
I’m a huge fan of responsive websites, especially Bootstrap. The design adapts its content to the size of the screen. As a result, it performs and looks great on all modern devices. I’m always excited about learning and using a new skills, such as HTML5, CSS3, framework and jQuery. Of course, always hand-coded with passion.
I’ve worked on sizable web and mobile projects through out my career. Very knowledgeable about CMS (Content Management System) and other platforms such as WordPress.
Ultimately, I aim to help businesses achieve their goals through web sites. I can help with web design, HTML templates, WordPress templates, CSS, Social Networking, and Advertising to attract users and customers.
"I am always excited about learning and using a new skills. I like to figure out things and find solutions. These things make me creative and keep me going."
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